Лансирање на настанот Вкусот на Франција со ресторанот Барбакан.

Лансирање во Францускиот Институт во Скопје на настанот Вкусот на Франција, на 19 март 2015 г. со ресторљнот Барбакан

JPEGThe dinner proposed on the occasion of the “Goût de France/Good France” event is a concrete illustration of the gastronomic meal of the French as inscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.
This meal allows people to gather together around a well-set table to enjoy the “art of good food with good drink” and celebrate a significant moment in their lives, individually and in groups.
A French gastronomic meal involves good, finely prepared terroir and seasonal products, special attention to the wine/dish combinations and an attractive table setting. This lively ritual is passed down from generation to generation as an integral part of French culture and identity.

The dinner on 19 March 2015 will be an opportunity to celebrate French gastronomy worldwide and affirm the values of sharing, conviviality, pleasure and respect for good food and togetherness.

The Mission Française du Patrimoine et des Cultures Alimentaires [French Mission for Food Heritage and Culture], which is responsible for this project and got UNESCO to list the gastronomic meal of the French as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, ensures France’s compliance with its commitments to UNESCO and is associated with the “Goût de France/Good France” event of 19 March.

publie le 18/03/2015